Magnificent Setting

Timberlock is a rustic resort that enables it’s guests to connect to the magnificent lakeside setting and focus on time with family and friends, without the distractions of today’s fast paced life. It is one of the oldest summer family resorts in the Adirondacks, surrounded in all directions by miles of New York State Forest Preserve.

Timberlock is not a luxury resort.  We have elected to remain rustic and informal while retaining many of the original camp traditions.  We still heat our cabins with wood stoves, light with gas lamps, walk the same 100-year-old paths and represent the wishes of our guests to remain “rustic but not rough”.  Timberlock is more than just a vacation. It is an experience.

What people are saying

It’s kinda wierd cause I like TV, but Timberlock is my favorite place to go but it has no TV.

— Samantha S. (age 7)