Is there really no electricity?
Itʼs true…none of our cabins have electricity. Propane provides light and also heats the hot water. There is electricity at main camp and outlets available in the lodge for recharging portable devices.

Is there cell phone service?
Not at the camp, but there is coverage nearby. We do have a guest phone available and messages can be taken for you.

Is there internet service?
There is limited access at main camp via ethernet cable. Wireless services are available in town, 10 miles away.

Are there black flies?
Yes, typically during early June, but possible in summer given the right conditions. With some simple precautions normal outside activities can be enjoyed.

What week has the best weather?
We get asked this a lot and itʼs impossible to say. We are at 1700 feet in elevation surrounded by mountains and can have temperatures range anywhere from the 40’s to the 80’s from June through October.

Is the lake warm enough for swimming?
Yes. Typically in June temperatures will be in the 60ʼs and later in August in the 70ʼs. Indian Lake is spring fed and very healthy and great for swimming.

Which cabin is the best?
Our cabins are all a bit different and we find that our guests develop favorites for many reasons.

Can you see the lake from the cabin?
Yes. All cabins have a lake view.

Whatʼs a tentlet?
Our own design, a tentlet is a small two-person tent shaped cabin on the waterʼs edge with no bathroom (“trail john” with toilets, showers and sinks with hot water are located nearby).

Whatʼs the minimum stay?
Most reservations are Saturday to Saturday, but we offer shorter stays with a minimum of three nights. There is a flow to the week with events planned throughout.

Are there capacity limits for the cabins?
We have cabins to accommodate two to eight people. Best to call or email and discuss your needs.

Are your facilities handicapped accessible?
Our terrain is challenging with lots of hills and stairs and access to the cabins is by gravel footpath. We have hosted many elderly and handicapped guests, but they are aware of the challenges involved.

Are there showers and running water?
All cabins with baths have hot and cold water, toilets, showers and sinks. Cabins without baths share a “trail john” with toilets, showers and sinks with hot water.

Whatʼs a trail john?
A bathroom in a separate building with a toilet, sink and shower with hot water.

What are the meals like?
We serve three meals a day on our historic open air dining porch, American Plan, one menu. Lots of fresh, home-cooked dishes with vegetarian options at each meal.

Can you handle special diets?
With advance notice, we can accommodate most special diets, but please understand we are a one menu resort and if you have a very restrictive diet we would kindly ask that you supplement with some of your own food.

Are pets allowed?
Sorry, but we do not allow guests to bring their pets.

How do I make a reservation?
Please call 518-648-5494 or email unplug@timberlock.com to discuss your needs. To confirm a reservation, we need a deposit, names of everyone in the party and ages of children. You will receive a confirmation letter and a “what to bring” list (this list is also located on our website).

When is check in?
2:00 to 7:00 PM unless you notify us.

When is check out?
10:00 AM for cabin changeover. You are welcome to stay for lunch and use trail johns for changing after swimming, etc. We do expect departure promptly after lunch so we have time to prepare for incoming guests.