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Booking a year ahead for cabins with no electricity

Indian Lake, New York (CNN) — Imagine waking up to the sound of birds and waves from an adjacent lake gently lapping at the shore. Instead of reaching for your phone to check Twitter or Facebook, you reach for a book. Your day begins in utter stillness: no television, no Wi-Fi and no electricity.

This is life at Timberlock, one of the oldest family resorts in the Adirondacks, where guests book a year in advance to unplug and unwind from late June through late September. “Believe me, it is more important than ever to have no electricity. Not having electricity forces you to come together, and is a huge bonus in my view,” said Judy Kenyon, 79, whose family has gone to Timberlock every year except one since 1981.

The 2018 season is nearly sold out, and guests can book for 2019 beginning February 1, 2018.

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